Jul 26, 2011

The Grease Cutting Power of Dawn

  I try to make a regular habit of showering and I thought today would be a good day to knock the funk off.  It was refreshing and I was cautiously optimistic as I dried off, hoping that I may have a productive day.  Not so much.  Lil' Bit had other plans for me.  When I stepped out of the bathroom, I found him sitting square in the middle of my bed COVERED IN EUCERIN CREAM!! 

  Now, Eucerin Cream is not like regular lotion.  It's heavy and greasy and a major Pain in the Ass to rub in, wipe off or clean up in any fashion.  I am surprised my youngest offspring has any skin remaining on his body.  I plunked him in the tub immediately and proceeded to scrub him with grease fighting dish soap and a washcloth.
  Most of the afternoon passed without incident, but once Handsome got home and my attention was diverted, the Bit struck again!  He snagged a can of hairspray and snuck upstairs with it.  I haven't found any pools of stickiness yet, but the entire 2nd story of our house smells like John Freida Extra Hold hairspray.

That's not the end of it though.

  This evening, Lil' Bit wanted some peanut butter.  No problem, he's usually pretty good with it, so I gave him a spoonful.  He got some on his hands so I told him to go to the bathroom and wash up.  He be-bopped to the bathroom and I heard the water running for about a minute.  I didn't think much about it after that because the water was no longer running.  My mistake.  A few moments later, here comes the Bit completely COVERED IN ANTIBACTERIAL HANDSOAP!!

He got another bath.

Jul 11, 2011

Workin' Girl

  I think I have adjusted to the Stay-at-Home-Mom thing pretty well. This blog was started back when I was still trying to figure out how to fit into the routine of NOT going to work every morning.  I like being home now.  I have friends that I can call and meet with for playdates, coffee or $1 movies.  The boys and I are on a decent routine of playtime, housekeeping, dinner fixin' and adventures around town.  It's taken some adjusting to make everything work on one income, but I think it's been worth it. 

Just when everything is going great I go and GET A JOB!

  Before you freak out, it was only temporary.  "The Office" I used to work in called and asked if I would fill in for the receptionist while she was out on maternity leave.  I jumped at the chance to go back.  I love those folks and being there again felt comfortable, like my favorite t-shirt & jeans.  Being in "The Office" again, around the familiar hustle & bustle of the working world, made me crave that life again.

  I spent a few nights seriously contemplating if I should start looking for a job and I realized a few things.  I realized that the only time I miss working, is while I'm working.  I don't want just ANY job.  I want THE job.  One that is worth it to my whole family to put Lil' Bit & Big Red into the care of others.  A job that would be fulfilling enough that I would enjoy waking up each morning and going in.  Coworkers that are the kind of folks I want to spend 40+ hours of my life with each & every week.  I don't think there are many jobs out there that meet my demands criteria. 

  "The Office" does. 

  I spent a few more nights debating, thinking and bouncing scenarios off of Handsome before I decided I would formally express my interest in employment with "The Office."  I'm going to dust off the resume, take a couple of classes to fulfill the educational requirements and make sure my ducks are in a row, just in case.  I don't know when a position may open up, but I know that I want to at least be considered when it does.

  In the mean time, I'm enjoying each day with my boys and perfecting my photography skills.