Apr 5, 2011

Always wear clean underwear

  We were getting ready to leave the house the other morning and I told Big Red to put on a new pair of underwear before he got dressed.  He asked me why and I responded with the motherly standard, "because I told you to."  He turned around and went into his room.  A few minutes later he emerged fully dressed.

Something didn't look quite right.

  I asked what was wrong with his pants and he responded, "Nothing, I put on new underwear like you said."  I looked down the back of his pants, and sure enough, he had on new skivvies, OVER THE OLD ONES.  I made him strip down, take off both layers and replace them with a fresh pair of clean drawers. 


  1. Haha! That kid cracks me up! Hey, he technically listened! You just gotta be all picky about it! ;)

  2. Well, at least he put a new pair on, just not the way you wanted. Guess you need to be more spefic about your instructions next time! lol

    That cappuccino on your background looks really good! Could've really used one of those this morning.