Aug 2, 2011

Artificial Road Rash

  For some unknown reason, all hell tends to break loose at my house when I take a shower.  Today the victim was Big Red.  I finished up my run on the treadmill in the garage and the boys were playing with one of the neighbor kids.  I told them they could keep playing while I cleaned up but they could NOT leave the house.  All of them nodded understanding and I went to wash off. 

  When I got out of the shower and dressed, I went to check on the boys.  All 3 were upstairs, Lil' Bit had put himself to bed and was napping.  The other two were in the bathroom and something just didn't seem right.  I made eye contact with Big Red and right away I noticed the blood on his face.  Upon interrogation, it was revealed that he & his friend had been racing monster trucks on the treadmill and he had tried to retrieve one that flew off the "track."  Somehow he ended up with "treadmill rash" down his back, right arm, both elbows, across his nose, along the right side of his face and a small spot on his ankle.  He couldn't describe what happened other than to say that he had been upside down.  He kept his composure while explaining his injuries and I have to admit, I was impressed with how tough he was.

  We went downstairs and I put ointment on him and band aids on a few of the rough spots. 

  It was not even 15 minutes later and he was outside on his bike. 

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