May 25, 2011

The Cheese-Burglar

We are all getting settled nicely into our new home and neighborhood.  There are tons of kids all around us and the boys are making friends quickly.  We recently met the folks across the alley whose house backs up to ours.  They have 3 kids very close in age to Big Red & Lil' Bit. 

The adults were standing around making small talk and the kiddos were running around wildly having fun.  At one point, all 5 kids disappear into the neighbor's house and moments later only 4 of them emerge.  I realized it was the Bit that remained inside and kept one eye on the back door expecting him to come out at any moment.  About the time I was going to send in a search team, he came sauntering out, eating a slice of cheese.  Lil' Bit had taken it upon himself to go rooting around their fridge and help himself to a snack. 

I apologized profusely and assured the neighbors that I do in fact feed my children everyday - multiple times a day. 

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