Jun 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

  Today I was feeling the itch to do some photography but it was WAY to HOT to drag Lil' Bit around town.  Not to mention, I don't like sweating unless I'm doing it on purpose and just walking to the bus stop this morning was making me bead up.  I mulled around aimlessly for a while trying to come up with something inspiring I could do inside the house and between loads of laundry.  Nothing was coming to mind so I logged onto facebook and saw that one of my photography buddies was online.  She suggested that I do a "day in the life" sort of thing and added that I could even blog about it. 
So here it is, my day in images. 

Thanks Rosemary!


  I'm thinking this may become a regular thing that I do.  It was easy, fun and out of the normal routine even though it's all about my normal routine.  Thanks for stopping by and I promise I'll actually write again sometime soon!

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