Feb 11, 2011

God sends Gravy to the Juice Box Hero and dials the wrong number

I was about 12, totally pigging out at a Hometown Buffet with my parents and younger sister.  The song Constant Craving by K.D. Lang comes on overhead and my sister started singing along.  My mom got a funny look on her face and started listening more closely.  Suddenly she starts laughing and asks what are the words?  My sister proudly and matter of factly states, "God send Gravy."  We all start laughing and at some point, my dad mentions that we can't tell Grandma because she will take offense.  My sister, totally confused asks, "Why would Grandma steal a fence?" 

Big Red has always loved to rock out.  It started out when he was a toddler, riding around in the truck with his dad blasting Beastie Boys.  The sight of a 2 year old playing air guitar while strapped into a car seat is a hilarious sight.  He would hold up one of his little hands, close his eyes, scrunch up his face and whip his head back and forth in true head banger fashion.  Add to that visual the audio of a sweet little voice saying, "What choo want? What CHOO want? Yeah!"  It's enough to make even a mime laugh out loud.

Once he was old enough to start really singing along, things got even more interesting.  The Foreigner song, Jukebox Hero has been forever changed.  Big Red randomly walks around the house singing at the top of his lungs, "Cuz he's a Juice Box Hero with stars in his eyes."  That one line over and over again, because it is the only part of the song he knows.    

His latest fav has been Tommy Tutone's 867-5309/Jenny.  Only his version is more like 876-3509-9-9.  He repeats the nines instead of stretching out the note like in the song.  I had to pull the video up so he could sing along.  He and Little Bit danced, played air guitar and sung along for at least 3 encore's before bed tonight.

It is now stuck on loop in my head.   

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