Feb 7, 2011

Stupid Commercials

With all the hype about Super Bowl Commercials I felt a rant posting coming on.  I don't know if this commercial was shown during the game, probably not, because I have seen it many times before yesterday and it doesn't strike me as Super Bowl worthy.

Does anyone else have a problem with this commercial?

Here are my issues.  (ok, I have many issues, but these are my issues with this particular commercial)
1) the deer wandering away at the beginning implies to me that the car hit the deer.  The deer is perfectly fine, but that car is jacked up!  Now, I'm glad that there were no deer injured during the making of this commercial but come on.  What is that SUPER DEER?

2) I have always been taught that the first thing you do after an accident is turn on the hazard lights.  That way if another vehicle were to approach you, they would know to use caution and slow down.  Maybe even offer assistance (if you're not afraid of serial killers)

3) there is NO indication that the airbags deployed.  If I hit the Deer of Steel and my car got that messed up I would expect the airbags to pop out.  If this happens to a lot of people, I'd also expect a manufacturer recall and a class action lawsuit.

4) why is a guy strong enough to pull a brand new car out of the trukk of a wrecked one not driving something waaaay cooler.  For that matter, why is he driving at all?  He probably has other superhuman abilities and can fly for all we know.

5) how come the chick isn't more impressed with this guy?  He just pulled a whole new car out of the trunk!  Sorry man, if she isn't impressed with that, there is nothing that you can do that will EVER be good enough.

6) the happy couple just drives away leaving their old busted up junk heap in the middle of the remote winding mountain road!  No warning triangles to warn people approaching from what appears to be a BLIND CURVE.  Probably the same blind curve that caused you to hit Super Deer to begin with.  Mr. Strong enough to lift a brand new car out of the trunk must have been too tired to move the old vehicle out of the way for other poor travelers.  Nice dude, really.  Karma will get you!

There are plenty of commercials that rub me the wrong way and I don't know exactly what has drawn my dislike so strongly to this one.  I think this falls into the same category as technical errors in the movies.  Like people portraying military members that are improperly wearing the uniform or calling other characters by the wrong rank.  My bottom line: If you're going to spend the money to do something all fancy, do it right.

DISCLAIMER:  I can't say one way or the other if the company depicted in this commercial is a good one or not. Please do not interpret as this post as an endorsement either for or against their services.

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