Mar 30, 2011

Big Red... Ladies Man

  Big Red has always been a HUGE flirt.  When he was little my family would refer to him as the little politician.  At about 2 years old he would circle the waiting areas in the airport shaking hands with people and introducing himself.  No shyness whatsoever.  He would smile and wink at teenage girls and pretend to be bashful when they squealed and giggled at his cuteness. 

  One time, at the doctors office, he moved a chair across the room to the check in window and slid open the glass partition.  He then rested one elbow on the counter top and asked the nurses, "What doin' Ladies?"  They cracked up and listened attentively as he showed them his collection of matchbox cars.

  He repeated the "What doin' Ladies" routine at a beach party Pop-Pop took him to.  This time, he plopped down between 2 college age girls sunbathing.  Again, he was a hit and I'm sure it fed his pint-sized ego in ways yet to be realized.

   There have been a few girls Big Red has admitted to liking and he has even referred to a couple as his  "girlfriends."  I hear from other kindergarten Moms that their daughters talk A LOT about him after school. 

Oh dear, what am I going to do when he reaches 14?

  Most recently Big Red has set his sights on an older woman.  This young lady is very pretty, adorably sweet and even has a job!  As a matter of fact, she's one of Handsome's troops.  We met her & another young lady from Handsome's office for lunch on Saturday.  We could tell within 5 minutes that Big Red was sweet on her.  About the time we started to get ready to leave, Handsome asked Big Red if he wanted her phone number and the reply was very cooool, "Yeah."  We laughed a bit and the conversation turned another direction.

  The next day, Big Red and I were heading to the store and in conversation he said something about calling the girl from yesterday.  I asked him what he would say and he told me, "I'll tell her she can take me to Chick-Fil-A and come to my house to jump on the trampoline."

Ah, young love....  

  That young lady is now referred to as Sugar Mama around our house.

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