Mar 15, 2011

The Crisco Kid

While I was making the appointment for Big Red's cartoon toe followup, I went ahead and scheduled one for Lil' Bit right after it.  I just KNEW something would come up in between the time I made the appointment (Thursday afternoon) and when we would actually be seen (Monday morning).  

The reason I had given when I made the appointment was a rash Lil' Bit has been fighting for a couple of weeks.  The redness is pretty much all cleared  but he's itchy and scratching at it.  The Doc looked him over and told me the best thing to do is to keep him thoroughly moisturized.  She then told me to slather him up with Crisco when he gets out of the bath.

Yup, that's right CRISCO All-Vegetable Shortening.   Like for baking cookies and stuff!

So last night after Lil' Bit got out of the tub I spread out his towel on my bed and began rubbing him down with Crisco.  At first, he was ok with it.  I put lotion on him most nights so he's pretty accustomed to being slathered with goo.  However, Crisco doesn't soak in quite like baby lotion does and it's slippery.  By the time I got it rubbed in enough on his belly that I was comfortable rolling him over so I could get his backside he was done with it.  I had to hold him by one ankle and scoop out gobs of shortening with my free hand, then smear it on him.  He managed to slip away a few times but he didn't get far before I had him pinned back down.  After a good 30 minute battle I was exhausted and he was completely greased.

He ran naked around the house for about 15 minutes before I mustered up the the strength to try and get him to bed.  When I came into the living room he was standing next to the coffee table watching Monsters vs Aliens with Big Red.  Judging by the lovely grease smear down my leather couch he was apparently too slick to sit. 

He hasn't been scratching much today so I figure another few days of the grease pig treatment and he should be good as new.

Anyone know how to get Crisco out of sheets?

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